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What is the use of centrifuge in pharmaceutical industry?

An industrial centrifuge is equipment that separates fluid or particles using centrifugal force. Different types of centrifuges are used for separating solids from liquids, liquid-liquid separation, and liquid-liquid-solid separation.

A centrifugal extractor—also known as a centrifugal contactor or annular centrifugal contactor—uses the rotation of the rotor inside a centrifuge to mix two immiscible liquids outside the rotor and to separate the liquids in the field of gravity inside the rotor.

What is centrifuge used for in the lab?
A laboratory centrifuge is a rotor driven instrument designed to separate liquid samples at high rates of speeds. The rotation of the centrifuge induces centripetal acceleration and separates substances based on density.

These are the different types of centrifuges commonly used in laboratories.
Microcentrifuge. As the name suggests, these are extremely compact in design and, therefore, have a smaller footprint that takes up little space on the workbench. …
Refrigerated Centrifuges. …
High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges. …

How does centrifuge separate mixtures?
Centrifugation separates the components of heterogeneous mixtures. These include liquids in liquids, solids in liquids, and solids and liquids in gases. Centrifugation uses centrifugal force to move dense components to the outside of the container. This causes the solid to settle more rapidly and completely

What is Sorvall centrifuge?
Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST 16 centrifuge series offers exceptional capacity, ergonomic features and value for routine sample processing on the benchtop. … The refrigerated version is ideal for handling temperature-sensitive sample processing between -10° and +40°C.

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There are two types of centrifugal techniques for separating particles: differential centrifugation and density gradient centrifugation. Density gradient centrifugation can further be divided into rate-zonal and isopycnic centrifugation.
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